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Mary Giuliani Stephens

As Mayor of Woodbury, I had the honor of working for my neighbors, solving problems, and getting things done. During my tenure, Woodbury saw unprecedented growth and was consistently ranked among the top places to live in America.

People are seeking strong, proven leadership to address the challenges facing Minnesota— especially in healthcare, safe and clean water, transportation, and education. The families of Woodbury, Oakdale, Maplewood, and Landfall deserve a State Senator dedicated full-time to the needs of the communities in which they live and a state government they can trust with their tax dollars.

They’re seeking someone to tackle the tough issues, lead with character and create coalitions of like-minded lawmakers to do what is right for Minnesota, and that’s why I’m running. As a mom, mayor, lawyer, and businesswoman, I’ve got the experience we need in the Minnesota State Senate.

I look forward to earning your support!

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Mary Giuliani Stephens is a mom, mayor, lawyer, and businesswoman running to represent Woodbury, Oakdale, Maplewood, and Landfall in the Minnesota State Senate—but she needs your help.

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